You want to do what?

Sometimes when financial problems hit companies and/or organizations the leaders are left with little choice but to make cuts. These cuts are tough for the employees, contractors, and the leaders who make them. Unfortunately they are necessary to right the sinking ship. It’s extremely difficult when you invest so many hours into a project, then come up shocked upon receiving news the budget has been cut. However, like in all challenges in life we pick up the pieces and move on. There will always be other companies and organizations who need our help. We are grateful to have provided service during the time we did, and honored to have served the client well.

We work with all types of companies with various technology budgets from large to small. Our consultants can put together a package which effectively serves your needs while meeting your budget. Contact us today as we will be happy to serve you.

Brad Howerter, I.T. Consultant
The I.T. Guys, Inc.


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