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Computer Security, Hackers, Identity Theft – What can be done?

January 29, 2014

I imagine you have heard all the news stories over the past several weeks regarding credit card information stolen from Target and other companies. It’s one thing to leave your credit card on the counter for someone to take. It’s another when hackers take it from inside a secure network at Target Corp. So what can you really do? Not much to be honest. However, there are the usual steps to help:

1. Signup for credit monitoring. Definitely helpful to be notified if anyone starts applying for credit in your name.

2. Pull your reports for free annually. I recommend completing this at one credit bureau every 4 months. (For example: Transunion Apr 1st, Equifax Aug 1st, Experion Dec 1st) Review for anything you don’t recognize and contact the bureau to report anything odd.

3. Change your passwords often. I know it’s a pain, however, it helps. (If someone obtains access to your account unknowingly, resetting your password shuts them out!)

4. Ensure your computer has the latest virus/spyware protection, and latest security updates for windows and all applications such as Java, Adobe, etc. This one is easy, call The I.T. Guys for assistance as they would be glad to help you.  Trust me, I know.  🙂  We enjoy helping people with their computer support in the Tampa Bay area and throughout the state of Florida.  We even help some users in other states as well.

Happy New Year!  Brad Howerter – The I.T. Guys –