So many issues, so little time…

Ever notice how issues (technology and everything else) tend to pile up at times? Of course now days everything is an emergency which makes it near impossible to keep up. First of all I think a lot of people in general need to relax. If you aren’t able to print to the library down the hall, simply use the other one until your support team figures out the problem. It’s really simple and doesn’t require much effort other than selecting the other printer. However, some people simply want to create conflict in the work place instead of working well with others. Life is simply too short to let everything bother you. Relax! It will be ok.

As my Mom has always told me, one thing at a time, one day at a time. You cannot possibly fix all the world’s issues in one day. The best thing I ever did was create a top 3 list at the beginning of each day. I look at my task list for the day (sometimes containing upwards of 25 items) and select the top 3 most important items. Then I focus as much as possible on those and the others have to wait. This simple step has created more productivity and kept the right people happy. It’s impossible to please everyone, however, this makes each day more effective with less overwhelm. Do people still call in a panic? Of course, simply take a deep breath and add it to the list. You will get to it in time. I was wasting my life away trying to keep everyone happy and finally woke up to realize my life maybe half over and I’m not enjoying it. Time to smell the roses and really enjoy the coffee. Cheers!

Brad Howerter
The I.T. Guys


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