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Fall already?

November 5, 2013

Where has this year gone? I cannot believe it’s fall already and Christmas is fast approaching. We completed various projects this summer which had us so busy we could barely see straight! The good news is all summer projects were completed with great success and our clients are happy. It is always a great feeling of accomplishment when you complete a project and bring happiness to others with new features and the like. We upgraded several machines, started looking at newer devices for our clients in the tablet space like the Surface and Dell XPS 12 convertible, and installed 2 mid-size WIFI networks. Like I said, it’s been a busy summer. I hate to see it leave as I love the warmer weather and boating, however, my dreams will have to wait while we continue to service the needs of clients. One day I will be on the waters of Tampa Bay again though. Have a great week!

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